Jabari Parker

I’m going to call this one now: Lakers to get No. 1 pick

Alright, at first glance you may be like “what in the world are you talking about?” Well, that’s why I am going to explain this.

You guys remember in 2012 when the rumors about the New Orleans – then Hornets – Pelicans got the number one pick in the draft lottery that it was rigged? At that point, the NBA had owned the team for the large majority for the year and had already allowed Chris Paul being dealt to the Los Angeles Clippers after the Los Angeles Lakers trade debacle.

I can feel the same thing in the air.

What happens when one of your most famous franchises hits near rock bottom? You may or may not give them a boost. Yes, a little farfetched, but, think about it. If not rigged, I think fate will give these guys the number one pick in this year’s upcoming LOADED NBA Draft. Same way fate rewarded the Pelicans Anthony Davis. My logic here is mostly internal and possibly very hard to understand.

At this point I think I’ll stop and come back to this later. In the mean time, who do you think they’ll pick? Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins? Joel Embiid?

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson joins Knicks; new prez

Former Los Angeles Lakers’ basketball coach, Phil Jackson, is the new president of the New York Knicks. Being one of the best coaches in NBA history, Jackson won 11 NBA Championships (6 with the Chicago Bulls and 5 with the Lakers).

Let’s go ahead and kill this thought now: Jackson will NOT be the next head coach for the Knicks. Jackson has reinforced several time stat he no longer wants to coach. He wants to be some sort of supervisor/consultant in some organization. Why not the most famous one?

The Knicks and Jackson are seemingly a perfect match. Jackson is a winner, and the Knicks roster is mostly composed of guys that don’t have a rich history of winning. Melo will more than likely entertain the idea of staying first beyond all others due to this move. This is likely the first of many moves that Knick brass will do from now till training camp next season.

Jackson = winning.

Mike Conley

Quick pick: Suns or Grizzlies, who has better top 5

Alright, so after much back and forth in the last few weeks of this NBA season, the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies have been teeter-tottering on the 8th spot in the Western Conference – which of course is the last playoff spot. To begin this segment, I will forewarn you by letting you know that this post will not be some glamorous and long post. I’m hard pressed for time and that my friends is what makes this blog unique.

Now to some content. Let’s compare each teams top 5 players.


  1. Goran Dragic | Eric Bledsoe
  2. Gerald Green
  3. PJ Tucker
  4. Channing Frye
  5. Miles Plumlee


  1. Mike Conley (no brainer)
  2. Courtney Lee (no, it’s not you, Tony Allen)
  3. James Johnson (T. Prince is right behind him)
  4. Zach Randolph
  5. Marc Gasol

If you wanted to do a fair head to head matchup between the two lineups the winners would definitely favor the Grizz. If you don’t agree, just keep reading.

Dragic | Bledsoe vs Conley. Well, although all three (after this season at least) will be contractually worth just about the same. Yes, Conley is the best pure point guard out of the three. Yes, Bledsoe has the most upside and is the best athlete. Yes, Goran can flat out ball. So who’s better? It comes down to history while on floor if you ask me. Historically, Conley is a WINNER and is a cornerstone of a good Grizzly team. However, the debate between Dragic and Bledsoe seems to be what’s holding me back. If you can’t figure which one of those two is better, how in the blue blazes are you supposed to figure out how if either is somehow better than Conley? The answer is neither. Conley is a top ten PG in the NBA today no matter what someone claims. He’s tough, a winner and does his job.

Gerald Green in a cage match with Courtney Lee. Without saying much, I’m sorry Courtney, but, GG has you here. He’s bigger, more athletic, can score in more bunches and can be just as effective in the half court because of his deadly range and because of his crazy athletic ability.

Tucker and James Johnson. I actually think that Tucker wins this one. Although Johnson is good, I like Tucker as a role player more. Neither of these guys can really light it up on you. They’re just solid.

Frye and Zebo. … I’ve said enough with that comment, right? First name 20, last name 10.

Plumlee and Gasol. Right now: Gasol. In two years: Plumlee. Why? Plumlee is a crazy athletic five-man who rebounds the crap out of the ball.

As you can see, in these quick picks, Memphis wins three to two. There you go.

I’ve ran out of time.


Carmelo Anthony

Video: Melo market


Alas! We have finally started production of our first set of video breakdowns. Now, this isn’t by any means awesome or like Netflix, ESPN, Rant Sports and more. So please, bare with us.

In the video we discuss the possibility of Carmelo Anthony joining a new team this summer. Possible places come to mind like the New York Knicks (obviously), Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets and the Miami Heat. Anything is possible when you get our crew talking about the NBA and its potential moves moving forward. Melo to the Heat would be both catastrophic and grand for the NBA. Tell us your thoughts below in the comments section!

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers … really?

One of — if not — the greatest franchises in American (or world sports for that matter) just went through something that is quite embarrassing … losing by 48 points. Yikes!

As we all know Kobe probably isn’t all too happy now with what is going on with his beloved organization.

The final score of 142-94 in favor of the Los Angeles Clippers (the Staples Center was even in Laker mode) shows how much of a disaster coach Mike D’Antoni’s team has had to endure this season. First Kobe, then Nash get hurt, which in reality completely throws all potential for repercussion by the Lakers off. Yes, Pau Gasol is putting up sickly numbers up, but those babies are inflated. Big time.

When you are by far the best talent on a bad team that does nothing but play to your strengths and let’s you do everything just so they have a chance to have a chance, it’s obvious that something is going on in the front office. Pau Gasol, Kobe, Steve, I apologize for what you guys have gone through this season.

I’m not a typical fan and going to call anyone out (GM, coach, players, owner etc), because I’m not in the organization and showing up to work today so I don’t know who’s dysfunction it is. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could just chalk it up to ol’ father time or that dreaded injury bug. (Yes, those two myths exist.)

The fact of the matter is that the teams bright spots moving forward are Kendall Marshall, Ryan Kelly, Kent Bazemore, MarShon Brooks and Robert Sacre. Being five of their youngest players, the Lakers will have upcoming opportunities in the future to possibly mold this — now cheap — group into the type of players they want to see in LA. Fun. Of course, LA needs its stars … and they’ll get them. But, the point I’m making is that they clearly hired D’Antoni for a reason: a culture change. His “seven seconds or less rule,” which pertains to scoring and the shot clock should have potential to become a commodity in LA. It’s not like there isn’t great basketball being played there and developed at young ages.

I hope you all chuckled and caught the sarcasm at the end of that — despite how embarrassing it is to have to explain and point out the subtle sarcasm within the last stanza. Almost as embarrassing as loosing by 48 points on your kinda-sorta home floor.

Yes, I know it’s easy for you to resent your season here on out Laker Faithful. But, you shouldn’t. The payroll is wide open this summer with potential of a few young developing players returning and an exciting brand of basketball — it would be clear to basketball people that success and an uprising is imminent in LA. Enjoy their downfall and struggles while you can, NBA. Because you know, as well as we all do, it’s not like they are going to last for a really long time. End of point.

NBA Logo

NBA analyzing the idea of a 4-pointer

This. Is. A. Terrible. Idea.

Why. Am. I. Writing. Like. This?

Well. That. Is. How. Frustrated. I. Am. Even. Hearing. This. Idea.


Okay, c’mon and think. Expanding the floor, that’s a good idea. Maybe 102×54 foot dimensions on the floor would work, but, the reality is that a three point shot is all that we need. NO FOURS. I can’t even fathom what it would do not just the NBA, but the rest of the basketball world. We don’t need 12-year-olds hoisting the rock 30+ feet from the rim. (And don’t be foolish enough to think that they wouldn’t.)

I know the subject matter here is the NBA, but without properly grooming youth basketball, there is no more NBA. So, why give them a reason to shoot from way deeper than needed.

Just don’t do this to yourself Adam Silver!